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The Finance Essentials Program is a series of short, face-to-face workshops, developed by the Department of Treasury and Finance (Treasury) specifically to meet the specific needs of Tasmanian State Sector employees who have budget and financial management responsibilities.


The Program delivered by Capital Training College under a standing contract with Treasury and is available through the Department of Premier and Cabinet's The Training Consortium (TTC), both as publicly available courses as in-house courses, tailored to meet the specific needs of individual departments and agencies.

  Visit the TTC website at www.ttc.tas.gov.au.  


Components of the Finance Essential Program include:


Understanding accountability the big picture on budgets, money and your responsibilities (essential knowledge for everyone in the Tasmanian State Sector).


Building and managing your budget - understanding your budget drivers and phasing your budget (essential for all managers and those who handle a budget).


Accounting for non-accountants understanding accrual accounting concepts and processes (essential for all officers using financial management information systems and processing accounts).


Successful grant management developing and managing the funding agreement (essential for managers of grant programs looking to ensure compliance with Treasurer's Instruction - TI 709 Grants Management Framework).


Focusing on results understanding performance information and developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the public sector (essential for all managers and those who handle a budget).


Building your business case identifying benefits and costs (essential for all managers seeking to win support for a new initiative).

  You can obtain further information about the Finance Essential Program here: Department of Treasury and Finance.  

Ask Kevin Riley about the Finance Essentials Program: kevin.riley@capitalcollege.com.au